T-Boss 410 4×4 (4 Seater) - R119,950.00

The Linhai T-Boss 410 is an improvement on the legendary Rebel in every dimension. The T-Boss is now fuel injection, meaning the T-Boss 410 uses less fuel than its predecessor. There is very little vibration. Driving comfort levels are the highest its ever been. foot space has been drastically improved. The speedometer is more modern and easier to read. Cosmetically wise the T-Boss is a BIG improvement. The T-Boss looks modern from every angle and the LED headlamps lets you see properly at night. Mechanically there is a host of upgrades and improvements. The 2 separate seats gone and replaced with a single seat. This makes the ride comfort more comfortable.

More Details

  • 352 cc Engine
  • 2×4 & 4×4 Wheel Drive
  • Fuel Tank 26 litres
  • Ground Clearance 247 mm
  • Automatic H/L/N/R
  • 2680 mm (L) x 1372 mm (W) x 1880 mm (H)